Tomato Plant

Whatever inner longing for peace brought you here, I thank you for honouring that feeling.


I intend to show up as a clear vessel, with powerful tools to help you release whatever is preventing you from embracing the present moment. 

I meet you exactly where you are in your process, and will guide you into a transcendent state to release the emotions, energy, and pain holding you back.


If you would like to unlock your infinite healing potential and internal freedom, I am the Guide for you. 

- Sabrina Ganymede

I See You  &

I Thank You

Hear the Wisdom of Your Body

Release Painful Emotions

Tap into your full potential

Find peace in relationships

Untie knots blocking flow

Integrate Plant Medicine

Heal your trauma stories

Bring your joy back

What Clients Say

Hanging Glass Flask Candles

"I was able to make   major breakthroughs in  healing past trauma"

"I’m deeply  grateful to have  been able  to benefit from  her wisdom,  grace, and skill"

"She helped me tap into the hidden wisdom of my inner self"