Breathwork allows old stresses stuck in the nervous system to discharge to rise to the surface. Old memories and tensions can be liberated - especially those which are often inaccessible through conventional therapies. This is a good technique to try if are unsure of what may be causing discomfort within you. We use conscious circular-connected breathing, along with energetic clearing techniques to open and charge your body's power centres.


I have taken 40 hours of trauma-informed breathwork training through Numa Somatics



People may experience release such as crying, screaming, and involuntary body movements. We will process the emotions, visions, and memories that came up.  If you are not ready to talk about things that come up, I will honor your experience by energetically holding space for your emotion. I will also provide encouragement and coaching throughout, and a grounding conversation afterwards for anything that would be helpful afterwards. 


Sessions are conducted in your home, ideally it's a quiet place with no distractions (pets/children/etc)



         Breathpod- Daily instagram sessions and weekly full sessions on zoom

         Subramanya Yoga Centre - Weekly breathwork sessions

         Numa Somatics - Training and in-person sessions