Intuitive Empowerment Coaching
2 month package

I offer insight, clarity, and reassurance about your path, business, or life.​​ Together, we resolve the root cause of any blocks to your goals.

These sessions ensure you have practical next steps and true support with EVERYTHING you are moving through in life.

I can also train you on how to trust your own inner guidance so you can get these answers on your own!
The Integration Path – Journeys To Your Higher Self

"I have had two intuitive sessions with Sabrina, both which were very helpful. She is very tuned in and gets accurate information, as well as gives practical action steps to take.


She is like a combination of life coach, business coach, and relationship coach. She is grounded and compassionate and creates a safe comfortable space.  


Her readings have given me clarity whenever I am dealing with issues that I am too close to, and  need an objective perspective. She has also helped me feel more empowered to make changes I know I need to make"

                         - Erica Mary Johnson


How It Works

Regression Journeys: Unlimited (We WILL resolve all root causes)

Unlimited support and encouragement via email and voice texts 

Intuitive Guidance/Coaching: 1 Hour per week over 2 Months

Exchange: $997 (payment plan available)

Location: Virtual - Zoom, Email, Voxer


  • Discover and align you to your highest potential.

  • Find and repair the root cause of issues holding you back

  • Learn to master energetic boundaries that work for you.

  • Heal old patterns to create healthy, thriving relationships.

  • Create a routine and self-care practices to ground your mind, body and soul. 


  • Custom recorded EFT tapping sequence

  • Custom meditation recording personalized just for you

  • Personalized herbal tea blend & care package shipped to you!

  • Your own custom plan to acheive your goal and a loving, supportive accountability buddy

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  • Exhausted from too many obligations? 

  • Confused about your greater purpose?

  • Have lost connection to your intuition?

This package is about reconnecting you to YOUR POWER, which comes directly from your connection to YOUR intuition. Our intuition serves as the guide for our self-esteem, direction, goals, willpower, connection to source energy and physical safety.

Women have been conditioned by decades of societal pressure and historical abuse to lose touch with their sovereignty, as a result we have lost our natural connection to our innate wisdom that connects us to our internal power.

When we lost touch with our intuition, we seek external validation or advice for our decision-making process. We use societal expectations and standards to dictate how we show up, the good girl, the good wife or daughter, co-worker, friend etc. Often putting our own needs and warning bells aside. This dis-empowers us greatly and puts us in a cycle of confusion and lack.

When we re-connect to our intuition, we begin to see a miraculous change in our life and circumstances. We begin to empower ourselves to KNOW that whatever decision we make is the right one for us internally, without needing external validation. As a result, we begin to let go of toxic expectations, unhealthy boundaries and dynamics in friendships, family relationships, and projects that drain us of energy. We begin to feel an increase in our creative energy, our external opportunities, and more enriching experiences. We begin to TRUST ourselves and our connection to source.

This is not about changing a mindset or following a goal driven program. This is about realigning your soul set. Your deep connection to YOUR feminine power that is you and your connection to the juicy flow of life awaiting you!

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Your Outcomes

  • A life where you are actually placing boundaries, rewriting stories, taking charge of your emotions and understanding how your world reflects your empowered self.

  • A new subconscious blueprint that stops them attracting toxic cycles so they can finally live a life where their past doesn't hold them back.

  • A restructured lifestyle that isn't operating inconsistently but a balance routine of structure and flow that allows them to stay grounded while achieving their goals

  • Worked through an effective and proven strategy to break all of the generational traumas they’ve been carrying, so they can walk in confidence