Beautiful Landscape


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"So it's been a week since our session. I'm happy to report that my TMJ/Jaw pain is 98% gone! Thank you so much for helping me heal that.


It had been so many months and it was so painful. To be able to open my month to eat without pain and to be able to lie down without feeling hot pulsing pain is just an amazing blessing."

My client was experiencing such intense jaw pain that they couldn't focus during our past life regression session. I decided to refocus on her jaw and helped her journey into the pain. We used a shamanic process to speak to the pain in the jaw as if it had its own living consciousness. We let what was alive and active in her jaw finally be seen and heard. The jaw was full of stuck emotional pain that had manifested as a screaming physical pain. After we listened to what the pain had to say and worked to bring it what it needed, it moved easily out of the body and we replaced it with fresh new energy.

The pain was related to old resentments from family situations. I asked the subconscious if there were other truths or perspectives, and the client was able to see her own role in the situation (not asking for help, not letting people in). What is unexpressed is often stored in the body, and my work with you is to help set those spaces free. You deserve to have a peaceful body, full of ease and flow. Let me help you dance again.