Tropical Flower

Energetic Mastery for Flourishing Relationships

The key IS deepening
your relationship
to yourself

  • Do you yearn for authentic connection?

  • Do you want to trust your inner guidance?

  • Are you tired of the same patterns in relationships?

Testimonial: "I got a taste of how powerful my perspective and personhood are, without the distractions of people pleasing and self doubt.


I’m really excited to see where this could lead! I foresee more confidence in interacting with people and being more certain of my desires.


I can sense an energetic load has been lifted: I was aware of a people pleasing laugh that had become a habit,  and not feeling the need to do it is so nice." - Zoe

Beige Podium

5 Weeks - Online

Wednesday, June 8th - July 6rd

7:00 - 8:30pm EST


You will learn how to reclaim your wholeness:

  • Create awareness of your own Aura

    • Clear old stagnant/intrusive energy

  • Be powerfully present in your body

    • Magnetize healthy relationships​

  • Enter relationships from a place of fullness

    • Access and recharge with source energy

  • Program your energy field for joy & happiness

    • Set your crown chakra to vibrate loving energy​

  • Create energetic boundaries to protect your energy

    • 3 Steps to become a vibrational match for positive interactions

These tools will allow you to show up in


soul-aligned relationships feeling safe, in control,


and grounded

Round Podium

(value $888)


2 Payments
of $222


1:1 Personal Intuitive Guidance (2 sessions) with Sabrina (Value: $280)


- Group Breathwork Journey (2 hours) + Integration Support (Value $55)

Discount on Past Life Regression ($100 off) - for even more breakthroughs! (Value $240)

Total value of bonuses: $575


Training Class: Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST (recorded for replay)

Community Calls: Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST (optional support)

*community calls are for practice, Q&A, and sweet social time

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Be gently held through all you are moving through in a supportive community of like-minded soul sisters 
Be seen & celebrated
Grow and thrive!
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Be part of this 5 week class!


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US & International: Please use this PayPal link to transfer payment

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