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  • Do you wish you could put your own desires first without feeling selfish?

  • Do you go along with things so you won’t offend or upset anyone else?

  • Have you ever wondered why you can’t say NO when you want to?

  • Do you feel taken for granted and overlooked in your relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s very likely that ‘people-pleasing is showing up in your life.

While you may be familiar with the term ‘people-pleasing, what you may not be so familiar with is how and where it shows up for you in your own life.

This quiz will help you identify where and how people-pleasing is present for you and how it may be holding you back. Click below to take the quiz:




The Truth

People-Pleasing holds you back. It causes us to dim our light and avoid pursuing the life that we truly desire.

Once we become aware of our people-pleasing tendencies, we can begin to shift our behaviour!

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  • You’ll discover your people pleasing archetype

  • You’ll receive some tools to shift your people-pleasing ways

  • Be reminded how to value yourself and live the life you want 

  • Gain insight into why you respond and behave the way you do

  • Empower yourself to feel more confident and secure in yourself