✨ You are 'The Recovering People-Pleaser’!


As a ‘Recovering People-Pleaser’, you are someone who has begun to address your people-pleasing.

Where once you might have made compromises around your time, energy, and happiness to please others, you’ve learnt (from hard-won experience!) that this simply doesn’t serve you.


You know what you want,  what you need, what makes you feel good, and what doesn’t.

This means is that you are now able to navigate through situations that you may once have found challenging with ease. You are confident enough now to be assertive. You’re able to say ‘no’.


✨ Of course, nobody is perfect and no-one gets it right all the time. There inevitably will be situations or scenarios, where you find yourself slipping back into old patterns and that’s okay


It’s important that you acknowledge all of the incredible work that you’ve done already and to ensure you keep taking steps forward to further build your confidence and assertiveness.

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When we become trapped in a cycle of people-pleasing, we lose sight of who we are, what we like, what we don’t like and even what we want out of life. 

You’ve know what it's like to live your life for other people – and you decided to do things differently.


Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve been on a transformational journey back to a place where you feel more connected, empowered, and more authentically you again!

While people-pleasing may no longer be such an issue for you, old habits die hard and it’s likely that situations will occur that trigger you and find you stepping back into old patterns.

Know that this is normal - be kind to yourself when things don’t go to plan. 

The most important thing is to keep returning to the deep sense of connection you have with yourself.


Trust your intuition; you know when it’s right to say ‘yes’ and when it’s right to say ‘no’.


The key focus for you will be to continue to build your confidence and assertiveness so that you can keep making these healthy choices.


My advice is to keep taking time to make this a priority.


Keep moving forward. 

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I invite you to take pen to paper, and free write for at least five minutes, around the following reflection questions. Allow the words to flow, let your inner wisdom speak to you: 

1. How am I feeling right now? 

2. What is different about the way I interact with others and show up in the world now? 

3. How does it feel to have made these changes? What benefit has it brought to my life? 

4. Where am I continuing to give my power away? 

5. What situations or scenarios still feel challenging to deal with? Why do you think that is? 


6. What next steps might help me forward from here? 

7.What message do I want to give myself about the all the work that I’ve done so far? 


This may have brought up some old feelings or memories, so before you do anything further, take a really deep inhale, put your hand on your heart and say out loud (or silently, in your head) to yourself :



I’d recommend strengthening your boundaries with my meditation below to keep building your confidence and sense of safety:

Congratulations for all that you’ve done to get this far!! 


Remember that this is a journey into better understanding yourself and old patterns.


It takes practice and continued work

Feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like any further support on this journey!




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I also recommend working with affirmations to continue to boost your sense of self-worth. This can be as simple as writing out 3 – 5 positive statements about yourself, in the present tense, that you repeat to yourself, silently or out loud, every morning. Some affirmations I like are: 

"I am so proud that I am now creating a life where I show up for myself" 

“I deserve to have all my dreams and desires met.” 

“I am ready to unlock my full potential, & it leads me to new places and opportunities” 

“I am enjoying creating a new life that fills me with purpose and satisfaction."

"I listen only to what I want and I follow my heart" 






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Congratulations for all that you’ve done to get this far!! 
Remember that this is a journey into better understanding your old patterns. It takes practice and continued work

Feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like any further support on this journey!



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Hi! I'm Sabrina! 
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I help women who have a history of toxic relationships reclaim their power, end people pleasing patterns, and master their boundaries so that they can start creating healthy love!


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