With lived experience, and study of the connection between emotion, trauma, and physical pain, I commit to holding space for your experience with absolute non-judgement and compassion. I have a grounded approach and work with mental and emotional health, intergenerational trauma, addiction, pain, anxiety, and anger.


A session is created for you based on what you want to heal/explore and my training in different modalities:


Please think about what you want to explore. For example: Why do I have this difficulty with my partner/parent/sibling etc?. Before the session, we’ll spend some time getting to know each other and answer questions. Your hypnosis session may last up to two hours. 


Energy clearing using Reiki and Quantum Energy has been introduced into the hypnosis session as I have found it really helps the client relax and removes any heavy energy that may be interfering with your grounding into the experience. People who experience this say that they feel waves of energy moving and vibrating in their body and feel very calm and relaxed.


While in this deep state of relaxation you will be guided through past experiences in order to gain a new perspective or closure. Past lives that come up often reflect the reasons for the issue you came to deal with (e.g. "Why do am I experiencing this fear").  If you know where something began at and why, then you can understand, heal, and move forward. You are gently guided into a very deep state of hypnosis where you have access to that bigger part of you that knows all the answers.


CLOSING:​ Ending the Session (~20 minutes)

Once you are drawn out of hypnosis, you will have time to drink water and chat about the experience. We will have space to ask questions, and I may offer additional resources, tools, and messages for you. A follow-up email is sent to you after the session.

'A trustworthy and kind guide for this deep dive into the self'