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From the moment that you step into the sacred space, Sabrina fosters a deep sense of care and safety, comfort, and trust that allows you to open up completely. She helped me to navigate my past and present and tap into the hidden wisdom of my inner self. My experience was intensely emotional and cathartic as I found the answers to questions that had kept me stuck in an endless loop. I’m deeply grateful to have been able to benefit from her wisdom, grace, and skill

- Diane P, Dec 2019

Understand Yourself

I had an incredible experience during my session. Quite a lot came from this in terms of my past, situations I'm currently dealing with, and ways to solve them. The session helped me better understand myself, where I am at, and what needs to be done in order to correct these moments to stay focused, and aligned with my goal and passion. It helps to know that she's there for follow up questions or lingering issues I may have or encounter. Instead of feeling lost, I was guided very safely through this experience and felt like I was in great hands! 

- Rob M, May 2020


safe hands​

I found Sabrina a deft, trustworthy, and kind guide for this deep dive into the self. She quickly and smoothly created an environment that felt safe, welcoming, and open. 

- Jonathan A, Dec 2019

Insight & Guidance

Sabrina is without a doubt one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She gives all of herself to everything she does, and this is no different. She has provided me with great insights and guidance both in her readings and in conversation. Could not recommend more 

- Chris Marsh, April 2020



Sabrina is a lovely welcoming and friendly spirit. She has the ability to easily calm my nerves. I gained a lot of personal insights and clarity out of the experience & was able to make some major break throughs in healing past trauma. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to heal with her through hypnosis. Thank you again so much! 

- Sarah, Oct 2020

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