Regression Therapy 

Past Life Regression

Clear energetic residue and karmic patterns from past lives, Unexplained physical issues and relationship patterns can be solved in one session

Repair Relationships

Interact with the Higher Self of the people you are experiencing difficulty with, gain insight and heal and repair relationship dynamics

Ancestral Healing

If trauma can be passed down a lineage, so can healing. We carry the traumas of our ancestors, clearing them frees everyone

Discover Your Purpose

Why are you here? We will meet your Higher Self to gain insight into your soul mission and purpose in this lifetime

Future Self Activation

Do you know you have a soul mission but are unsure of the next step? Let's journey to meet your future self and help you quantum leap forward!

Clear Trauma

Trauma can create energetic imprints in our nervous system that causes ongoing issues like anxiety. We can gently clear trapped emotions

The Integration Path – Journeys To Your Higher Self
"My session with Sabrina was unexpectedly moving. She was very kind, compassionate and spacious in her presence.. she allowed my unconscious mind to lead the way.
I was surprised to discover my chronic procrastination in this life time was linked to an incomplete previous life. 
This session felt like puzzle pieces clicking into place. I’m so grateful for the insights gained."
What is Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is a Hypnotherapy technique that takes you on a Journey to the root cause of your issue, whether it is from a past life or from your current life. The physical and mental symptoms of the body are messages that we may have forgotten how to listen to.  Through a gentle customized hypnosis journey, we set the limitations of the conscious mind free. This allows to to have access to the wise, inner healer inside you.

Once we energetically clear the issues & blocks, you can quantum jump forward in your life. 


I simply Guide you to the place where you can empower yourself, reclaim your own power, and re-write your story.

How It Works

Session Length: 2 Hours
Location: Virtual - Zoom
Format: The session has 3 parts:

Step 1

15 Minutes to review your questions and goals for the session.



  • Questions you want answered

  • Headphones for our Zoom call

  • Your curiosity! 


1.5 Hours of a personalized therapeutic hypnosis journey to:

  • Call back your power

  • Meet your Higher Self

  • Clear Past Life Patterns

  • Get Answers to Your Questions


15 Minutes of reviewing and integrating  everything that came up in your journey.

  • A Recording to listen to

  • Summary report of key insights

  • Follow-up email check-in



"I'm happy to report that my Jaw pain is 98% gone!

Thank you so much for helping me heal that. It had been so many months and it was so painful. To be able to open my month to eat without pain and to be able to lie down without feeling hot pulsing pain is just an amazing blessing.- Maria

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Session: $240 Payable via PayPal


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